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HTM100, Hospitality & Tourism Industry

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Course Description

This course introduces the hospitality industry as a single, interrelated industry composed of food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging, meeting and planning events, recreation and leisure, recreational entertainment, and eco and heritage tourism.

Course Objectives

The student will:

  • Identify the characteristics of the hospitality industry
  • Explain the various components of tourism
  • Discuss the hotel business development and classifications
  • Discuss hotel and rooms division operation
  • Explain hotel operations and food and beverage division
  • Discuss various aspects of the recreation/leisure industry as it relates to tourism
  • Explain the difference between meetings, expositions, and conventions

Online Office Hours

In addition to my office hours, students may meet with me via phone or through video conferencing. Please make an appointment through the appointment manager in your student portal. 

Required Course Material

All course materials are available within Canvas.

Communication Policy

Student Expectations

Students are expected to log into this course at least twice per week to review course announcements, assigned content, discussion postings, and projects. Due dates are included in Canvas for all assignments, and no late work will be accepted. Post any questions about the course to the Course Questions discussion at the top of Modules in Canvas. Please regularly check your student email, too.

In all communications, students are expected to adhere to the rules of netiquette. Netiquette is the social expectations for respectfully working and communicating with other people on the Internet. Please visit Albion’s Netiquette Home Page if you have any questions:

Instructor Expectations

Just as students are expected to check into Canvas regularly, so will I. My preferred form of communication for course questions is through the Course Questions discussion at the top of Modules in Canvas. For personal questions or comments, please use Canvas’ email feature. During the work week, I should normally respond to questions within 48 hours. On weekends, I may not reply until Monday.

While I will try to grade throughout the work week, students may expect that course work will be graded within one (1) week from the due date. The weekly discussions are for students to interact, and I will comment to each student individually about his or her posting and comments to other students.

Throughout the term, I will post announcements alerting students to additional learning resources or campus events. Those announcements will be at the top of the Welcome page in Canvas.


Academic Honesty

Each student is expected to complete his or her own work. 


Final grades will be determined by A = 100-90, B = 89-80, C = 79-70, D = 69-60, and F = 59-0. Your progress will be evaluated according to the following scale:

Weekly Discussions                      35%
Assignments                                 35%
Informational Interview Report      30%

Weekly discussions and homework are due by midnight on Sunday. No late homework will be accepted.

Weekly Discussions

Each week there will be a discussion question. Each student should:

  • By Wednesday, post an original response to the question. Minimum of two (2) paragraphs.
  • By Sunday, respond to at least two (2) other students’ postings. These responses must be at least four (4) sentences and be substantive that carry the discussion forward.

Weekly discussions will be worth 20 points and graded as follows:

  • Original response 12 pts. (minimum of 2 paragraphs)
  • Reply to other students 4 pts. each (minimum 4 sentences; max 8 points)


Most weeks there will be an assignment that will require you to research a topic and produce either a 1-page report or 10-slide presentation. These assignments will be posted to a discussion. Grading will be similar to grading for the weekly discussions.

Informational Interview

You will schedule a 30-minute meeting with a person who has a professional position in the hospitality and tourism industries similar to the one you desire or who hires people in such positions.  From the interview, you will create a presentation or report sharing what you have learned. Your presentation (at least 10 slides) or report (at least 2 pages) should include:

  • Person you interviewed, or the title or role of the person.
  • Company and type of position.
  • Three things you learned.
  • One thing that surprised you.


Please note:  The course syllabus is subject to change.
Any changes will be listed in the course announcements.

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