PLOA 3 - Lower Extremity & Posterior Ab Muscles

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PLOA 3 - Lower Extremity & Posterior Ab Muscles

You are allowed to use Lab 3, your book, notes, and other resources when completing this assessment.  There is no time limit. You are allowed to complete this assignment as many times as you'd like before the due date. Your highest score will be kept.

If you continue to do this assignment after the due date, it will not adversely affect your grade. The highest score that you earned before the assignment deadline will be used in the Canvas grade book. If you do this assignment after the deadline for practice, it will appear as though it is late even though it is NOT late, and no points will be deducted for tardiness.

This online open-note assessment includes images from the following sources:

1) Muscle models 

2) OER textbook muscle images

3) Free use images

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