Ch. 19 HEART, PART 2 OF 2

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This assignment (Ch. 19, Heart, part 2) covers the following information:

  • the microscopic anatomy of the cardiac muscle fibers (cells)
  • the intrinsic cardiac conduction system
  • factors that modify the heart rhythm
  • The electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
  • Some mechanical events of the heart
  • Heart sounds
  • Cardiac output and regulation of heart pumping
    • Factor affecting stroke volume
  • Regulation of heart rate
  • Factors affecting cardiac output

I (your instructor) recommend that you complete this assignment AFTER reading chapter 19 (HEART). I recommend that you use the notes (chapter presentation) that you took while reading the chapter and while listening to the lesson (or attending class).

This is an open-note quiz and there is no time limit.

Select the best answer(s) after carefully reading each question. You will encounter a variety of question types, such as multiple-choice (MC) questions, true/false (TF) questions, and multiple-answer (MA) questions during this assignment. If you encounter instructions that say "select all that apply", you have the option of selecting more than one answer choice.  If you compare the multiple-choice questions (MC) to the multiple-answer questions (MA), you will notice that the symbols beside the answer choices are different.

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